About The Event

Welcome to the Cal Tech Connect XR Event

Sponsored by Cal State Innovate, this collaboration between CSU Fresno and CSU San Bernardino provides a streamlined, extended reality experience using Mozilla Hubs. Developers and designers from both campuses have created custom virtual spaces for conference attendees to socialize, display their work, and attend instructional seminars!  For the best user experience, we recommend using a head-mount device to experience the Hubs environment!

Introducing the platform, Hubs!

Hubs/XR is an Extended Reality platform that is customizable, engaging, and collaborative. Visit the link below for a step-by-step guide to navigating this virtual world.

Be Appropriate

Please refrain from using any profanity or reference to drugs.

be respectful

Avoid demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior or speech.

be honorable

Act as if you were attending an in-person conference.

be mindful

Be considerate of your fellow participants and their guests.

CSU Cafe

CSU Cafe 8:00-9:00AM PST
Keynote Live Stream 9:00-10:00AM PST
Social Break 10:00-3:00PM PST

Come join us in the CSU Cafes! Each Cafe is modeled after one of the Cal State Tech Connect 2021 Conference themes. Engage and interact with other conference attendees, while viewing the keynote presentations!

*For the optimal experience please choose a room with a low participant count.*

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VR Exhibition hall

7/27 3PM PST 

Check out what other campuses are doing with VR technology! Socialize and interact with showrooms and displays highlighting VR technology across the CSU system.

*For the optimal experience please choose a room with a low participant count.*

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Immersive Trivia Hunt

7/28 3PM PST

How much do you know about the CSU system? Answer questions to escape rooms and navigate through the maze, while visiting other CSU campuses along the way.

*For the optimal experience please choose a room with a low participant count.*

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Do-It-Yourself VR Lab

7/29 3PM PST

Learn how to set up immersive environments in Mozilla Hubs and practice your skills with live tutors in this XR D-I-Y Lab Session!

*For the optimal experience please choose a room with a low participant count.*

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California State University, Fresno

The Hub of Digital Transformation and Innovation is an interdisciplinary internship program at Fresno State focused on elevating and supporting Student  Success by combining the latest technologies with innovative applications. Students are provided with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, develop leadership skills, and grow their portfolios;  better preparing them to navigate the job market and develop their careers. Working closely with our campus and community partners our diverse team of student interns are pushed to think outside the box, work in collaborative environments, and create innovative solutions using D esign Thinking and Ideation 

Max Tsai

DX and Innovation Officer

Andrew Adams

Innovation Consultant

Nhu-lan Dizon

Lead 3D and Rich Media Intern

Clark Froelich

3D Design Inten

Katherine Lathos

Lead UX/UI and Rich Media Design Intern

Esuri Peiris

Lead Business and Development Intern

Genesis Zetino

UX/UI Graphic Design Intern

California State University, San Bernandino

The Extended Reality for Learning (xREAL) Lab with Information Technology Services at California State University, San Bernardino, is an interdisciplinary technology innovation hub that brings together faculty, students, and staff to research and assess new ways to use innovative technologies for student success. We design impactful educational experiences with machine learning, augmented, and virtual reality. By building connections between the campus and our partner communities, we create immersive learning experiences for the public good and prepare our students for a successful career in the XR industry. 

Dr. Mihaela Popescu

Professor of Media Studies, Faculty Director

James Trotter

Assistant Director, Academic Technologies & Innovation

Kurt Collins

Professor of Design, Research & Development Fellow

Yutong Liu

Instructional Technologist, Learning Experiences Designer

Dmitriy Astakhov

Graphic Designer

Bobby Laudeman

VR Developer

David Castellanos

3D Student Intern

JC Mariscal

3D Student Intern

Marcy Iniguez

Administrative Support Assistant

Cal State Tech Conference Core Team

Kate Miffitt

Director of Innovation

Kendra Ard

Senior Director, Infrastructure, Support & Services, ITS Communications & Systemwide Support Services

Chris OConnell

ITS Communications & Systemwide Support Services

Felix Zuniga

ITS Campus Engagement Partner

Executive Sponsors

Michael Berman

California State University, Office of the Chancellor CIO

Dr. Tomas Morales

California State University, San Bernardino President

Orlando Leon

California State University, Fresno Vice President for Informations Technology and CIO

Dr. Sam Sudhakar

California State University, San Bernardino Vice President for Informations Technology and CIO

Robert Guinn

California State University, Fresno Deputy CIO