What you need to know!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make your first time navigating Hubs/XR a breeze!

preferred Web Browser

Use Google Chrome for the best browser experience

Tabs Managment

It is recommended to have only hubs XR open in your tabs for optimal efficency

Creating an Account

When signing into Hubs use the email you registered with the conference because that is the email registered in the Hubs platform

Optimal Loading Speed

Change material quality to “low”, by going into preferences, choose misc and then material quality

How to Get Started

1. Sign-in and follow the prompts. 
2. Join a room.
3. Enjoy an immersive XR experience! 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Hubs/XR

A step-by-step guide breaking down the features and functions of the Hubs/XR environment. 

Navigation Guide 

Learn how to move in Hubs using A (Left) S (Backwards) W (Forwards) D (Right) or the Arrow Keys. Use the Q (Rotate Left) and E (Rotate Right) keys or click and drag to rotate the screen. 

Avatar & Display Name

Learn how to change your avatar style and edit your display name. 

Chat Function & Emojis

Learn how to use the Chat Function and Reactions Tool. 

Take a Seat

Learn how to utilize seating options in Hubs. 

Pen Tool

Learn how to enable or disable the Pen Tool. 

3D Objects

Learn how to place, edit, and pin 3D objects in the Hubs environment. 

Take a Selfie

Learn how to take a selfie. 

Desktop Sharing 

Learn how to enable and disable Desktop Sharing  in Hubs. 


Learn how to enable and disable the webcam, feature. 

Enter with an Oculus

Learn how to enter the Hubs environment using an Oculus Headset.